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buying clothes that aren’t black is hard

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when you get a hot new mutual


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My internet was down for 5 minutes so i went downstairs and spoke to my family

They seem like nice people

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Philadelphia - 14/08

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life is hard when you’re an ugly girl that likes cute boys

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do your eyes ever randomly go out of focus and then you are too lazy to focus them back in and just stare at nothing for a while

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when i die i want teen wolf executive producer jeff davis to lower me into my grave so he can let me down one last time

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YA Book: wHite yoUng girl!!!1!
YA Book: sHe is difFERenT!!!!!1!!@
YA Book: speciAL pOWer!!!-!!
YA Book: cute boY love HeR!!!
YA Book: bUTttttt
Ya Book: anOTher boy alsO??? love heR?!?!??!!!
Ya Book: HOw will sHe cHOOse!!?!?!?!?1!! aNd save wORld?????!?!!


*washes face*

*checks if acne is still there*

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u hate me?? wow so much in common already

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people who know the next letter of the alphabet without singing the song are terrifying

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